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Question: What is the club's mission?

The club's mission is to improve our athlete's quality of life physically, academically and socially.

Question: Where and when is practice held?

Practice is held at Paradise Valley Community College and you'll find a Google Map here. Typically practices start at 5 p.m. or 5:30 p.m. (depending on the time of the year) Mon.-Fri., 3 p.m. on Sun., and by-appointment on Sat. We notify parents of schedule changes via email.

Question: What are the age divisions?

We train kids of all ages, as young as 4-5 years old, all the way up to high school. Occasionally our athletes who have moved onto college track & field even return for a little tune-up. Once meets and competition begin in January, the following age groups are the standard. Your child's age will be determined by the oldest age they will be during the competition year.

Age Division Year of Birth
8 & under 2007 +
9 – 10 2005 – 2006
11 – 12 2003 – 2004
13 – 14 2001 – 2002
15 – 16 1999 – 2000
17 – 18 1997 – 1998

Athletes who are still 18 through the final day of the USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships are eligible to compete in the 17-18 age division through that meet, even though they may turn 19 during the calendar year. This extended eligibility does not apply to cross country events.

Question: When does the season begin and end?

The Phoenix Bobcats train all year long, and athletes can choose to participate in the club during the months that work best for their families and schedules. The "season", which is the part of the year when meets occur, runs from the first Monday in January through late July. You will find our schedule of meets here. After the season ends, we offer our off-season training clinic from September 15 through December 10.

Question: Can high school athletes join the Bobcats?

High school athletes can join and train with the Bobcats during the high school off-season (i.e., after the high school season concludes) without limitation, and are also allowed to join and train with the Bobcats in-season as long as it doesn’t interfere with high school practices. In-season high school athletes are allowed to compete in no more than 13 meets (the sum of both high school meets and club meets), excluding the state meet.

Question: What’s included in the Bobcat registration fee?

The registration fee ($400) and coaching fee ($100) for the season (January-July) cover the following items for each athlete:

  • Uniform: running shorts, tops, & bag.
  • Meet entry fees: we pay the fees of $4 and $5 per athlete for each meet.
  • Equipment fees: purchase of blocks, shot puts, javelins, and other training equipment so athletes have the tools they need to train.
  • Administration fees: facilities rental, office supplies, Bobcat hotline, and some of the coaches travel expenses.
  • USATF registration fee (that covers insurance while at meets and practices).
  • All Phoenix Bobcats must be registered with USATF before each season begins. To register with USATF, please visit this USATF page.

    After the season ends in late July, we take 45 days off before the off-season clinic begins September 15 through December 10. The fee for the clinic is $250, and space is limited. Visit our Join page to sign up for the season or clinic.

Question: Are uniforms required?

Athletes must compete in a Bobcat’s uniform or uniform approved by Bobcat’s coaching staff. Prior to the first meet of the season we will obtain proper sizing for each athlete, order and provide uniforms. Uniforms are included in the club registration fees (cost is determined according to quantity ordered by the team, therefore please pay promptly so we can get the discount!).

Question: Is attending practice required?

“You get out of it what you put into it.” We subscribe to that philosophy and encourage athletes to train hard. That said, we understand how busy households can be, and your child will not be penalized for missing a practice here and there.

Question: How can I sponsor the Bobcats?

It's easy! Just speak with Coach Jones. We welcome your contributions to The Phoenix Bobcats, which is 501(3)(c) non-profit, tax exempt organization established in 1986. Our Federal Tax ID # 86-0573128. We are also listed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. We accept all donations allowed by law. Sponsor forms can be obtained via e-mail: You can also make your purchases through our Amazon Smile account, where Amazon donates half of one percent of your purchase to the Bobcats.

Question: What is USATF?

USATF is the acronym for USA Track & Field, which is the national governing body for track & field, long-distance running and race walking in the United States. USATF encompasses the world’s oldest organized sports, the most-watched events of Olympic broadcasts, the No. 1 high school and junior high school participatory sport and more than 30 million adult runners in the United States. Led by President Stephanie Hightower and CEO Max Siegel, USATF is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with a staff of professional program administrators at the National Office in Indianapolis.

Question: What links are helpful to know?

The following links are sometimes useful in finding live timing for meets or results following meets. Listen to announcements during meets to learn if any of these sites are in use for that event: USTAF, Arizona USATF and Coach O.