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College Match

Question: What is College Match?

Out of the Blocks – College Match LLC is an élite service that Erwin Jones, Phoenix Bobcats Track and Field Club President and Head Coach created independent of his distinguished and successful track and field program. College Match’s primary goal is to support student athletes as they prepare for and progress through the rigors of college recruiting. The program assures that each student athlete distinguishes themselves to universities with the ultimate goal of pairing the student athlete with the most appropriate college that will provide financial scholarships in track, football, basketball and soccer.

"College Match is an individualized, one-on-one service that I personally deliver and that is based on the thousands of hours of conversation that I have had with parents, student athletes and college coaches during my career as a youth coach,” explains Jones. “Recruiting and getting scholarships is an unknown world to many. This service sheds light on the subject to help improve the odds.”

Question: Why use College Match?

For student athletes with the aptitude and attitude, gaining a partial or full scholarship can be a big win. Not only is it a personal honor that reinforces the dividends of hard work, it is very valuable financially with the average education costing $75,772 and $169,676 for tuition, room and board at four-year public and private universities annually, according to the College Board.

Recent successes of College Match include Christian Shaver (football) at University of Colorado (2014), Tim Duckworth (track & field) at University of Kentucky (2015), and Cedric Jacobs-Jones (basketball) at Whitman College (2016). All were Phoenix Bobcats and sought Coach Jones assistance in turning their accomplishments into scholarships.

While some colleges actively scout and recruit talent and there are countless “prep” websites, it can be difficult for busy parents to know which avenues to travel. Further, it is getting more and more important for high school athletes to actively make college coaches aware of their personal, academic and athletic strengths, rather than “waiting for the phone to ring.”

“There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a kid who has worked hard and thinks they deserve a scholarship, and not getting one. It can have a devastating effect on their lives. We try to ensure that doesn’t happen by being pro-active. Many schools don’t have the resources any longer to find the athletes they need, and we’re there to fill that gap,” adds Jones, who himself was a collegiate athlete in the mid-1970s.

Question: How and when to sign up with College Match?

You do not have to be a Phoenix Bobcat to benefit from College Match. You can join College Match at any point during your high school years, although it is recommended that you start the process no later than your sophomore year, as the following year is when the process begins to heat up. Because College Match is a highly personalized, hands-on service, we accept only 30 athletes at any one time.

Speaking of the process, College Match is iterative and occurs over a period of years, preparing your teen’s mind and body, understanding goals and objectives, contacting and presenting to schools, onsite visits, assessing options and more. You can expect your engagement of College Match to include:

  • One-on-one relationship with clients
  • One-on-one relationship with coaches
  • Work with only 30 athletes not 300 or 3,000 athletes
  • Questionnaire athlete/parent inventory
  • Monthly contact and consulting
  • Senior year weekly contact until signed
  • Build athletic resume
  • Personal outreach to targeted schools
  • Arrange college and university visits
  • Keep up to date on NCAA/NAIA eligibility center

Question: What are the fees for College Match?

The fees for the service include a $250 monthly consulting fee that can be paid every month, or if parents wish to receive a 10% discount they can pay once annually. In addition, we charge 5% of the value of the scholarships obtained. However you look at it, joining College Match is a small investment compared to the tens of thousands of dollars it can cost to receive a four-year education. Joining College Match involves signing an agreement for our services to ensure there is mutual understanding. For more information, please call Coach Jones at 602-299-2871.